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To reserve your booth space for India Medical Show 2018, please send your request for floor plan to or and our representative will send you the latest floor plan with available locations.

Download Exhhibitor Contract Form - Click Here

Please fill and send above form at or after complete and signed.

Exhibitor Information & Resources

Booth Payment Information

Confirmation of space booking is only conditional on the following payment terms:-
a) 25% of the total amount as an advance within 15 days after confirmation of your space from organizer.
b) 25% Balance amount on or before 1st March 2018.
b) 50% Balance amount on or before 10th April 2018.

The payment should be made by money transfer in US Dollar / NEFT to our bank as the details given below :-

Payment in INR
ACCOUNT NO : 06092560000852
BANK ADDRESS : A-37-38-39 Ansal Tower,  Commercial Complex, Dr. Mukherjee Nagar,  Delhi - 110009 INDIA
Payment in USD
ACCOUNT NO : 5020 000 254 0802
BANK ADDRESS : A-37-38-39 Ansal Tower,  Commercial Complex, Dr. Mukherjee Nagar,  Delhi - 110009 INDIA

Exhibitor Move - In & Move Out Schedule

17th April 2018
10:00 am - 9:00 pm Official Stand Contractors Set up

12:30 pm - 9:00 pm Unofficial Stand Contract Set up (Raw Space Only)

18th April 2018
2:00 pm - 9:00 pm Moving-in of Shell Scheme interior items, Electrical supply turn-on, Exhibitor badges pick-up from the Exhibitor Registration Counters, Raw Space Exhibitors Set-up booth and freight delivery

19th, 20th, & 21th April 2018
9:00 am - 6:15 pm (Show Days) For Exhibitors

10:00 am - 5:30 pm (Show Days) For Visitors

21st April 2018
6:30 pm - 11:00 pm Removal of all exhibits; 9:00 pm Disconnection of all utilities; 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm Collection of all rented items, Dismantling of stand fittings and electrical installation; 12:00 midnight Handover of exhibition Hall

General Information & Guide

  1. The Exhibition
    INDIA MEDICAL SHOW 2018 – International Exhibition on Medical, Surgical, Hospital & Diagnostic Instruments and Products
  2. Organizers
2257, 1st Floor, Hudson Labe, GTB Nagar, Delhi – 110 009, India

    Tel : +91-11-47034600 / 43003757
    Email:  Website:
  3. Dates, Timings & Venue
    Dates: 19th, 20th & 21st April 2018
    Timing: 10.00 am - 6.00 pm
    Venue: Parade Ground, Sector-17, Chandigarh, India
  4. Move-In & Possession Of Stalls / Booths
    17th April, 2018 10:00 am - 9:00 pm - Official Stand Contractors Set up; 12:30 pm - 9:00pm - Unofficial Stand Contract Set up (Raw Space Only)
    18th April, 2018 2:00 pm - 9:00 pm - Moving-in of Shell Scheme interior items, Electrical supply turn-on, Exhibitor badges pick-up at the Exhibitor Registration Counters, Raw Space Exhibitors Set-up booth and freight delivery
  5. Exhibit Dismantle / Move-Out
    6:30 pm - 11:00 pm - Removal of all exhibits; 9:00 pm - Disconnection of all utilities; 9:00 pm - 11:00pm – Collection of all rented items, dismantling of stand fittings and electrical installation; 12:00 midnight - Hand over of exhibition Hall
  6. Admissions
    Entry to Exhibition is Free. The Exhibition will be open to the TRADE VISITORS ONLY by invitation on spot registration.
Admission is only for Adults over the age of 18 years.
  7. Security
    Although strict security arrangements will be provided at the exhibition venue, Exhibitors are requested to have their equipment and other precious belongings properly insured.
  8. Facilities Provided
    Standard Booth Sizes 9 sqm (3m x 3m) Booth size of 9 sqm will be provided with System Construction, Fascia Name Board with Booth Carpeting. For every 9 sqm booth, the following are the complimentary booth amenities – One Information Counter / Table, Two Folding Chairs, Three Spotlights, One 15A Power Point, One Waste Paper Basket. 
Any additional requirements of furniture, electrical, carpeting etc. may be ordered before the mentioned date.
  9. Extra Furniture / Fittings
    Exhibitor's requirement of extra furniture/fixtures can be ordered by Form No.
  10. Exit Gate Pass
    Exit Gate Pass will be issued to exhibitors against nil due
  11. Supply Of Electric Power
    The electric power supply available at the Exhibition is as follows: 3 Phase: 400 volts +- 10% Single Phase: 230 volts +- 10% Frequency: 50 CPS +- 3% The functions mentioned above are only for reference. However, variation could be expected on some occasions. The organizers will not be responsible for any fluctuations in electricity.
  12. Additional Power / Compressed Air / Water Charges
    Additional Power
Additional Power required by the exhibitor will be made available at extra cost (Refer to Form No. 4). Electricity will be provided through mains and distribution network the above rates include wiring up to the main Switch board provided in the stall. Note: Exhibitors can draw up to max 500W from the plug socket provided in their stall. Any additional power drawn more than 500W will be charged as per tariff mentioned in Form No. 4. Exhibitors requiring heavy electrical load for their exhibits should submit such requirements to the organizers by 10th April 2018.
  13. Visitor Invitations
    Admission for Visitors to the exhibition is Free Entry with registration and visitor badge.
  14. Exhibitor Badges
    Exhibitor Badges is a must for all exhibitors and is required for entry to the hall during the exhibitor entry periods on all three days of the Exhibition. Badges will be issued from the Exhibitor Registration Counter at the venue on 18th April 2018 from 2.00 pm onwards.
  15. Communication Facilities
    Telephone and Internet facilities can be provided to the exhibitors on chargeable basis on event days. Please contact the organizers for your requirements. Your requirement should reach us on or before 10th April, 2018.
  16. Cafeteria
    Cafeteria is located at the venue. A variety of snacks and beverages will be available on direct payment basis.

Rules & Regulations

  1. Failure To Exhibit - Any organisation which, having signed a contract for exhibition space, fails to exhibit whether or not for any reason of the Exhibitor's own choosing and has not been released from the Contract by the Organisers shall be liable for the full amount stated in the contract plus any additional costs incurred by the Organisers as a result of such failure to exhibit. These terms cannot be varied under any circumstances.
  2. Limitation of Liability -The Organisers, their employees or agents shall not be liable for the safety of Exhibitors, their employees, agents, contractors or invitees during the exhibition nor for any exhibits, articles or other property of whatever kind brought into the exhibition by Exhibitors, their employees, agents contractors or invitees or members of the public.

    The Organisers shall not in any event be held responsible for any restriction or conditions which prevent the construction, erection, completion, alteration or dismantling of stands or the entry, sitting or removal of exhibits, or for the failure of and services or amenities provided by the hall landlords or other third parties.
  3. Exhibitor's Insurance -Exhibitors shall make sure that they are fully covered by insurance including, but not restricted to, all risks on their property, exhibits or articles of any kind, public liability and comprehensive protection against any loss or damage caused by and circumstance whatsoever weather by reason of fire, water, theft, accident or any other cause. The Exhibitor shall insure against, indemnify and hold the Organisers harmless in respect of all cost, claims, demands and expenses to which the Organisers may in any way be subject as a result of any loss or injury arising to any person (including members of the public or the Organisers's staffs, agents or contractors) or property howsoever caused as a result of any act or default of the Exhibitor, his employees, agents or contractors or invitees. If the Organisers so demands the Exhibitor shall provide proof to the Organisers that the Exhibitor has adequate insurance cover.

    Exhibitors must ensure that their temporary staff and the staff servants, agents or contractors are insured against claims for workman's compensation. The period for which such insurance shall be maintained shall run from the time the Exhibitor or any of his employees, agents or contractors first enters the exhibition grounds, and to continue until he has vacated the exhibition grounds and all his exhibits and property have been removed.
  4. Group Stands - Contracting parties for group stands are responsible for ensuring that all Exhibitors within their group are fully aware of, and agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions and by the Rules and regulations of the Exhibition.
  5. Sub-Letting of Stands -The Exhibitor must not transfer, dispose of, part with or otherwise sublet the whole or any part of his site, whether for financial consideration or otherwise. The Exhibitor must, if he is an agent, distributor or licensee should state at the time of contract the names of the principals to be represented. This does not prohibit an Exhibitor displaying the products of a principal for whom he becomes agent, distributor of licensee after the time of contract, with the prior written permission from the Organisers.
  6. Force Majeure - The Organisers shall not be liable to the Exhibitors by reason of any cancellation or part-time opening of the exhibition, either as a whole or in part, for any non-performance of their obligations under this contract of for any amendments or alterations to all or any of the Rules and Regulations of the Exhibition in each case to the extent that such occurrence is due to any circumstances not within their control.
  7. Promotion during the Exhibition - Exhibitors are reminded not to place stickers, signs or posters anywhere in the hall other than within their own stand. Likewise, Exhibitor's representative(s) may not distribute brochures, invitations, etc. along the gangways or near the entrances. This is unfair to other Exhibitors and an inconvenience to visitors.
  8. Security
    • Exhibitors and their staff will not be allowed in the exhibition hall after the show hours. If your displays are very valuable or sensitive and you wish to hire security personnel to attend to your stand exclusively during off show hours, please contact the Organisers for security services. Please note that you are requested not to use personnel from other security agency.
    • All personnel in the exhibition halls must wear identification badges at all times. Exhibitor Badges and Contractor / Service Badges are available from the Exhibitors' Registration Desk.
    • For security and safety reasons, exhibit movement in or out of the halls during show hours is not permitted.
    • Our Security Agency will guard the exhibition site in general, but their duties will not include specific attention to individual stands.
  9. Payment Terms And Conditions -The payment schedule is as follows: a) 25% payment of the total Invoice charges must be paid within 15 Days of the date of Invoice. b) 25% Balance amount on or before 1st March, 2018. c) 50% Balance amount on or before 10th April, 2018.
    Exhibitors will not be allowed to occupy their space or stands if the payment terms specified on the contract are not followed. These terms cannot be varied under any circumstances. No Exhibitors will be allowed to occupy their stands until full payment has been received by the Organisers. These terms cannot be varied under any circumstances.
  10. Raw Space Stall Site -The minimum size for a Raw Space Stall Site is 18 square meters. No restrictions are placed upon Raw Space Stall designs provided they meet as per guidelines. The exhibitors must ensure that the contractor removes his off-cuts and debris from the hall and the stall is completed by 09.00 PM on 18th April, 2018.
  11. Built-Up Stall - The minimum size for a Built-up stall is 9 square meters. The built-up stall contractor will put up the Exhibitor's name and stall number on the fascia board. It is not allowed to attach any additional texts, logos, etc. on the fascia board.
  12. Electrical Installation - All on-site electrical installation MUST be carried out by the officially appointed Electrical Contractor. All prefabricated electrical fittings will be subject to an inspection by the official contractor before connection to the mains supply. Payment for extra electrical load and consumption should be made to the Organizers.
  13. Equipment Interference - No equipment can be operated which makes excessive noise or causes electrical interference or annoyance to other exhibitors. In this matter the decision of the Organizers will be final.
  14. Damage to Stand Structure and Exhibition Premises - No person under any circumstance shall cut into or through any floor covering or wall nor alter any stand service structure except when authorized in writing by the Organizers.
  15. Stand Cleaning During The Exhibition Days - The Organisers will be responsible for the daily cleaning of the stand carpets and gangways. During the build-up /dismantling periods, independent contractors appointed by Exhibitors are responsible for the removal of the stand building / dismantling materials and rubbish.
  16. Unforeseen Occurrences - In the event of any occurrence not foreseen in these Rules & Regulations, the decision of the Orgainser shall be final.
  17. Acceptance of Rules - The very fact that an Exhibitor participates in the Exhibition as an Exhibitor, it will be presumed without any dispute that he/she, his/her company / organisation has read the Rules & Regulations formulated by the Organisers and as printed above and irrevocably confirms to abide by them. This is applicable to each and every participant irrespective of the amount or percentage of payment made to the Organisers and includes participants, exhibitors / co-exhibitors as well as companies / organisations of complimentary stalls, irrespective of the fact if they have signed or not signed the exhibitor contract form or any other document.