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Every aspect of our lives has been changed - and usually simplified - by technology: from communicating to banking to shopping. But, somehow, healthcare has been left behind because we all believed that it was too complicated to fix, or that the solutions were impossible due to regulations. That’s just not true. Now, more than ever, we can take some of the same approaches that have simplified so many other consumer industries and bring them to healthcare. Technology has the potential to not just improve the consumer experience of healthcare, but also to remove unneeded cost from the system. The penetration of wireless networks and mobile devices has helped the health sector in leapfrogging over the previous barriers to healthcare delivery. The only difference is that now with the right software, patients can now access a doctor to diagnose an illness, write a prescription and observe an injury without actually seeing the patient in-person.

Telemedicine is one such evolving healthcare technology revolutionising the Medical Healthcare segment. Telemedicine now involves using modern technology and telecommunications for doctors to visit their patients in a virtual manner, usually over live video or through still images captured and saved for their reference on a computer.

As you can see, application of technology in the health sector has pretty far-reaching potential and it can be made possible only when the providers of care, employers, payers and patients come together to encourage these innovative approaches. Our event is just a small step towards this ultimate goal.

Machines and software of all kinds will be showcased in the pavilion. The range of solutions displayed in the event includes everything from simple peripherals to advanced telemedicine kiosks. You will also get the chance to have a one-to-one conversation with innovators and the executives of telemedicine companies. You will be free to see and test the machines and devices to your satisfaction. So, come and see the marvels of innovation, engineering and excellent integration of different disciplines. All these factors combined are leading towards the betterment of health services. Get registered now to be a part of this prestigious event.


  • Telemedicine
  • Hospital Software
  • Data Analytics Software
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Internet of Things- Medical Devices
  • Centralised Monitoring System
  • Wearable
  • Cyber Security